Come To The Well    

              Bradenton, Florida 
 1820 59th Street West Bradenton, FL  34209 
501c3 Non-Profit Ministry

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Come Take a Tour 
 Experience a Breath of Fresh Hope

Gentle  + Slow Flow Yoga^
Are you new to yoga or interested in a refresher of alignment principles? Focus is on basic yoga postures and learning to develop the physical & mental connection with the breath. A your own pace, this class will help establish a firm foundation in standing poses, gentle back bending and core-strengthening postures. A light-hearted class that centers on God's Word and how He wants to love us! 

Flow Yoga^^
Moving practice where breath and yoga postures are seamlessly united so that each action encourages the other.  Linking rhythm of breath, movement and music allows the body to flow through the sequenced practice in a moving meditation. Great contemporary Christian music and study of God's Word are always the highlight!

​Restorative Yoga^
Gentle practice of passive poses using blankets, bolsters, pillows and blocks as props to allow deep relaxation within the body. Poses are sequenced together to leave you feeling renewed and restored. Leave class feeling like your are floating on air. Come worship Jesus on your mat! 

Come Experience One of Our Classes   
Make your physical tranining a spiritual experience. Come breathe in Jesus! 
Enjoy classes to refresh and restore peace and health to the mind, body & spirit.

 Classes are $10. Class Card--$80 for 10 classes
**Community classes are also offered so you are able to have the opportunity to come to more
 than one class each week. Community Classes are suggested donation of $5 - $10.
 Class cards can also be used for these designated classes.